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About San Francisco - Westwood Highlands

Westwood Highlands is one of the many compact — and affluent — neighborhoods in the Twin Peaks West district, located just off the city’s geographic center. ...

The neighborhood was erected in the 1920s, built in a similar style to its northern neighbor, Sherwood Forest. Originally planned as a residential park, the neighborhood has maintained its original intentions thanks to efforts of the Westwood Highlands Association. With set regulations on landscaping and construction, the homes and the land are well-manicured and lush.

All of the houses in this neighborhood are single-family and detached built on moderate sized lots with front and backyards. Residents here tend to put down roots for the long haul, creating scarce property availability. But when they do open up, it is worth every effort to migrate into this exclusive community.

Strictly a residential neighborhood, residents needn’t travel far to enjoy commercial amenities, most concentrated in nearby West Portal. While almost all residents of Westwood Highlands are car owners, with a quick drive, the city’s public transportation lines are easily accessible for in-city travel.

A very unique residential community lined with uniform houses maintained by historic covenants and restrictions, Westwood Highlands boasts an unparalleled exclusive environment nestled in the center of one of the world’s most popular cities.