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About San Francisco - Visitacion Valley

Visitacion Valley is a large neighborhood and one of few that make up the southern border of San Francisco. While there is a formal line defining this border, in reality it blends seamlessly into the Daly City neighborhood of Bayshore. ...

This neighborhood, like most of the other spacious ones that border it, is primarily a residential area often overlooked due to its seemingly out-of-the-way location. The majority of homes here are occupied by families, including a large number of long-time homeowners.

The area was originally home to many of the city’s Irish and Italian immigrants who were employed at nearby factories. Some of the barracks that were built to house the massive influx of workers during World War II remain, having been restored and updated to public housing.

Thanks to multiple city redevelopment plans, the neighborhood has been a long-time focus for restoration and improvement. Already those plans have been reflected in the extension of the Muni Metro T-Third Street line that now extends into the neighborhood. Other public transit lines also come into the neighborhood, creating easy access to the rest of the city. And with Highway 101 on the neighborhood’s eastern border, residents have direct freeway entry.

A resilient spirit of revitalization drives Visitacion Valley ever closer to its full potential as one of the city’s southernmost neighborhoods, ripe with residential opportunity.