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About San Francisco - Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill lies in one of San Francisco’s most well-known districts, bubbling with history and known for its perpetual energy. Surrounded by a handful of diverse neighborhoods, Telegraph Hill stands out with its own unique characteristics. ...

Telegraph Hill’s distinguishing characteristic is the famous landmark, Coit Tower. Peaking at 210 feet, it boasts unparalleled views in every direction, most notably across the entire Bay. While it may be the most visible tourist attraction in the neighborhood, it is not the only one. On its southern border is the famous Beat Museum that honors Jack Kerouac and other notables from his era. And others flock to the rocky hillsides to observe the abundance of feral parrots famously referred to as The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, so coined after a book and subsequent documentary.

While known for its touristy reputation, Telegraph Hill is a serene residential neighborhood. The homes here range from the largest concentration of pre-1870 buildings that were spared by the 1906 earthquake to modern condominiums and everything in between. Residents of the neighborhood, a majority being long-time homeowners, are dedicated to preserving the architectural history of Telegraph Hill’s homes as well as the historic gardens that line the pathways and stairs traversing the area.

Telegraph Hill is one of the most desirable residential communities in San Francisco, doubling as a notable tourist attraction. With bustling and prestigious neighbors like North Beach, Nob Hill and the Waterfront stretched out around its northern and eastern borders, Telegraph Hill boasts one of the most distinctive locations in all of San Francisco.