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About San Francisco - Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest rests in a district with more than a dozen neighborhoods, some of them among the most affluent and exclusive in the entire city of San Francisco. ...

Small in size, Sherwood Forest is a quiet neighborhood that lies on the slope of Mount Davidson and holds a cluster of around 200 homes. It is the smallest neighborhood in San Francisco, spanning only two by three streets. It is home to one of the smallest streets as well in the city, Robinhood Drive, which starts and ends in Sherwood Forest and is remarkably difficult to find.

Being a solely residential neighborhood, residents travel outside of its borders for essential daily needs. But with larger and more commercially dense neighbors close by, they need not travel far. West Portal is one of the nearest commercial hubs, providing everything from restaurants, cafes, retail stores, mom-and-pop shops, and a movie theater.

When development began in Sherwood Forest in the 1930s, architectural styles included were ranch-style, modernist and classic Mediterranean, offering some variation in the small number of homes. Public transportation is available in West Portal with a major metro light rail stop offering direct lines to downtown San Francisco. The natural characteristics of Mount Davidson offer hiking, jogging, and communing with nature, all easily accessible through trails.

Sherwood Forest is a coveted neighborhood, and home to a small number of lucky residents. It is rare that properties open up for sale in this area, but when they do, potential buyers should be ready for a very high price tag — fully justified by the locale, amenities, and pedigree of course.