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About San Francisco - Saint Francis Wood

Saint Francis Wood lies in the Twin Peaks West district along with more than a dozen similarly sized neighbors. What was originally a secluded wooded area has become one of the most affluent areas in San Francisco. ...

Saint Francis Wood is an extremely exclusive neighborhood set apart by far from big city activities and crowds. Strictly residential, it is home to just over 1,000 people and clearly sets the bar for small-town ambiance in a big city.

As one of the eight master-planned residence parks of San Francisco, the plots were landscaped to replicate the feeling of suburban living in close proximity to downtown San Francisco. As the second of the eight neighborhoods built in this fashion in the early 1900s, it was heavily inspired by the ideals of the City Beautiful and Garden City movements. And as it was set out to do, it successfully continues to exude that air today and is recognized across the country as a spot-on example of these movements.

The classical homes that stand in this neighborhood are grand in size with spacious front yards that are all meticulously manicured. Due to the very strict guidelines and restrictions on development and maintenance, all of the homes portray the same sophisticated and elegant stature that was designated in the original plans of the neighborhood.

Classically residential, Saint Francis Wood would be an ideal neighborhood to live in no matter where it’s located. But with San Francisco surrounding its exclusive location, it is the ultimate neighborhood to reside in.