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About San Francisco - Parkside

The Parkside neighborhood has a lot in common with its neighbors throughout this central west region of San Francisco. The characteristics that set it apart are what current residents appreciate and what potential residents are thrilled to find. ...

This fairly gridded and flat neighborhood has a large amount of public green space including Sunset Reservoir, McCoppin Square, Parkside Square, and Sava Pool. Along its southern border, residents can walk right over to Pine Lake and the nationally famed destination, Stern Grove.

Parkside was developed mostly in the 1940s, blanketing a majority of the expansive residential square with single-family stucco-style homes in an array of soft colors. While it is often lumped in with its northern neighbor, the Sunset, residents will insist that their hood is quite distinct, pointing out that they are clearly separated by Ortega Street.

This large area is primarily residential, with exception to the densely commercial Taraval Street corridor that is lined with most of the storefronts, eateries, and grocers that residents need on a daily basis.

Its proximity to the summer haven of Stern Grove, with the Pacific Ocean within view and public transportation access to the epicenter of bustling San Francisco, the residential sanctuary of the Parkside neighborhood offers boundless amenities and local charm.