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About San Francisco - Miraloma Park

Miraloma Park is a residential sanctuary with the vibe of San Francisco all around it. Bordered by seven other neighborhoods, its location offers residents a wide variety of activities in every direction....

Two of its largest surroundings are Glen Park and Diamond Heights to the east and Mt. Davidson (which occupies a large bubble of space within its borders). The homes here are built on curving streets, often into hills, lending them some of the most breathtaking views in San Francisco. And despite all of the noise and bustle of its surrounding neighbors and major thoroughfares, it remains a fairly serene environment anchored by a residential vibe.

Besides access to expansive outdoor green spaces, Miraloma Park is situated close to commercial hubs and public transportation lines. While there are a small number of shopping and dining opportunities along its borders, most residents travel further outside of the neighborhood limits for shopping essentials and bigger epicurean options. And its close proximity to two major Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations makes moving around the city simple.

Homes in Miraloma Park are widely varied due to its development span that began in the 1920s and stretched over decades. Residents can find anything from classic row houses and Mid-Century Modern to contemporary homes with sleek designs.

Miraloma Park has a lot to offer residents and is considered a neighborhood with boundless amenities and close ties to the San Francisco way of life.