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About San Francisco - Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace is one of San Francisco’s most recently developed neighborhoods whose key characteristics and convenient location help it double as a residential paradise and an outdoor oasis....

With easy access to the entire city, Midtown Terrace offers a very distinct country living atmosphere; it’s a true greenbelt covered in forests, reservoirs, and shared open spaces. Its beautiful natural surroundings and lack of any commercial businesses have helped it maintain its under-the-radar presence in San Francisco.

From within the borders, it resembles an isolated small town. The streets are lined with single-family homes reflecting a Mid-Century Modern style and all of life’s essentials, including the Laguna Honda Hospital, whose grounds take up the entire southwestern region of the neighborhood.

This western slope of Twin Peaks wasn’t developed as a residential area until the 1950s, its development closely following the “City Beautiful” movement that was mirrored in other existing San Francisco neighborhoods. It was then, and is today, a perfect example of the blending of a community with its natural surroundings, taking full advantage of the incredible views in the process.

While it is one of San Francisco’s best kept (and polished) gems, its location extends access to all of the city’s amenities for the residents of Midtown Terrace to enjoy, should they chose to venture outside of their dreamlike oasis.