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About San Francisco - Lakeside

Living in Lakeside offers a residential respite from the bustling city. This very narrow sliver of homes and small patches of shared green space is ideally located close to all of the amenities San Francisco has to offer. ...

Lakeside was built between the late 1930s through 1950, and thankfully adopted the utilities-underground idea making the neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing for potential residents. And while most homes here can be described as modest, there is a heavy fill of larger stately homes as well.

White picket fences are still the standard of this well-manicured neighborhood, and add a heavy sense of old-fashioned charm. Residents that call Lakeside home are naturally encouraged to help maintain this image that makes the neighborhood unique in a sea surrounding bigger-city-type neighborhoods.

Its western border runs along both San Francisco State University and the Stonestown Galleria shopping hub. This stretch along 19th Avenue is packed with every type of shopping experience, dining adventure, entertainment option, and public transportation one can imagine. The Muni light rail stop offers quick accessibility to every corner of the city and is consistently a heavy-traffic area brimming with residents of nearby neighborhoods, students, and visitors to the shopping mecca.

It’s well-situated, yet almost under the radar, location allows residents to put down roots in a suburban environment while opting to enjoy bigger city amenities when desired.