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About Ingleside Heights

Ingleside Heights looks like a typical residential suburban neighborhood, similar to some of its neighbors. But underneath the rows of modest-sized homes and manicured lawns is a charismatic urban experience teeming with San Francisco charm. ...

A majority of the homes in Ingleside Heights were built during the 1940s and 1950s with a variety of architectural styles represented. And while there is no main commercial strip, Ingleside Heights is dotted with cafes, small grocers and essential storefronts serving the diverse community of residents.

In close proximity are all of the amenities that come with life in San Francisco. Outdoor recreation like jogging and golfing, commercial hubs buzzing with energy, upscale dining and family-run restaurants, and entertainment options for all ages. With easy access to big city life via public transit lines, residents can venture out for a night on the town or stay in and enjoy the niceties of the quaint neighborhood.

Hugging two freeways means that residents who live here have immediate access to both Highway 1 and I-280, an amenity that is cherished in San Francisco for commuters and weekend-getaway enthusiasts.

While the homes are modest and the neighborhood is primarily residential, these are the factors that add to its charm. Ingleside Heights provides access to everything a big city neighborhood can offer, delivered in a small and enchanting package.