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About Hunters Point

Hunters Point sits on the Bay at the most eastern point of San Francisco and is home to the well-known Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, a long-time revival project of the city. ...

The 420-acre Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was once the center of a Federal nuclear program in 1946 that included a secret laboratory where tests were conducted to determine the effects of radiation on living organisms. Thanks to federal and state protocols, extreme efforts were made to make sure all new housing developments in this neighborhood were safe, in order to rebuild a flourishing community today.

A key factor in the revival of Hunters Point has come from the efforts of long-time residents, a large part made up of artists. The Hunters Point Shipyard Artists (HPSA) are the largest community of artists in the nation, supported by The Shipyard Trust for The Arts (STAR) which is dedicated to conserving affordable San Francisco art studios and workspaces, supporting community art programs, and creating educational and exhibition opportunities.

The residential development boom of this area has been instrumental in rejuvenating longtime small businesses and attracting new ones to the area, filling the neighborhood with plenty of shopping and eateries. And like its close neighbor the Bayview, Hunters Point takes pride in its ongoing urban gardening crusade, the Quesada Gardens Initiative, with a vision to empower the local residents to define their own environment while connecting with each other.

Once a haven for Navy jobs, this forgotten neighborhood has been revived, igniting a thriving community. Longtime dedicated residents welcome the flow of new dwellers that will be filling up the thousands of new residential properties being built today.