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About Golden Gate Heights

Golden Gate Heights is tucked neatly in between four neighboring districts and is one of the city’s most prized treasures boasting what could be the best views in all of San Francisco. ...

Outside of the panoramic views from homeowners’ floor-to-ceiling windows, both Grand View Park and Golden Gate Heights Park are popular destinations to take in the city. And true to its name “Heights,” strolling through this region is not for the faint of heart, though the climbs are all rewarded with a park or another breathtaking vista. While the rare ocean views from Golden Gate Heights are plentiful, they are just as easily taken away by the fog that is innate to this area of the city.

Homes in this area are almost all single-family dwellings, but range in style from 1920s architecture through Mid-Century Modern. While homeowners in this neighborhood are also automobile owners, the city’s public transportation lines run through and along this residential sector making it easy to bop around town, which comes in handy as there are no commercial hubs within the neighborhood’s borders.

The small size of this hidden neighborhood is by no means a reflection of its big character. The unique district packs a punch with its buzzing energy, charming homes, and unparalleled views.