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About Forest Hill Extension

Forest Hill Extension, as its name suggests, is an extension of the larger area known as Forest Hill. While no less grand, the homes in Forest Hill Extension were built with slightly less square footage and correspondingly lower price tags. Compared to its northwestern neighbor, the homes’ lots are a bit tighter, but still exude a stately position. ...

Within the boundaries of Forest Hill Extension is Edgehill Mountain, which was established in 1985. The hill is mostly developed but still has a naturally hidden forest and is protected by the Friends of Edgehill Mountain who work to preserve the park’s native flora and fauna while a consistent flow of volunteers helps to improve trails, eliminate non-native invasive plants, and plant indigenous plants.

The Forest Hill Muni Metro Station is a short walk from the northern border, granting swift access to the entire city. Most residents here own their own vehicles that can get them to the freeway quite quickly, as well. And neighboring districts like West Portal and the Inner Sunset offer residents all the benefits of city living with bustling streets full of restaurants, essential stores, and shopping.

The overall vibe is suburban, with beautifully lined green streets and fresh-cut lawns. The area is naturally quiet thanks to its exclusion of commercial properties, a trait it shares with Forest Hill. But besides this lack of commercial storefronts, the residents of Forest Hill Extension live in a city/suburban want-not haven.