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About Forest Hill

Forest Hill is an exclusive and distinctive neighborhood invigorated by a diverse population of homeowners that take their neighborhood responsibilities to heart....

Forest Hill was built in reflection of the City Beautiful movement after the 1906 earthquake. With architecture and urban planning focused on introducing beautification and monumental grandeur in cities, the movement was an appropriate influence in rebuilding the city. The area became one of the master-planned residence parks of San Francisco, landscaped to create the feeling of suburban living in a big city. Today, the efforts of 100+ years ago shine through with mature trees, decorative stairways, benches, floral pathways, and neoclassical ornamentation such as pillars, gateways and sundials.

Energized by its unique past, Forest Hill has become a charming and absolutely unparalleled suburban experience. With no condominiums or multi-tenancy property developments, Forest Hill has an extremely active homeowner’s association that requires all residences to contribute to it through membership fees. In return, the neighborhood’s upkeep of historical common areas is well maintained.

The single-family homes in this picturesque neighborhood were the creation of some of the most notable architects of the 20th century and each one sits on a massive lot with perfectly manicured front and back yards. And while being quite possibly the most suburban territory in the city, it also has its own public transportation stop and offers easy access to the entire city as well as freeways.

As the city’s least-densely populated neighborhood, Forest Hill is a suburban oasis preserved by time, well respected and maintained by its residents.