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About Excelsior

The Excelsior is a family-friendly neighborhood with deep community roots, offering a genuinely residential sanctuary away from the hectic city. ...

The neighborhood is renowned for having the most unpretentious vibe in the entire city. Anchored by small, local businesses, the Excelsior is bubbling with old-school diners, corner stores, and ethnic markets that serve as gathering spots for the longtime local residents.

The Excelsior is also known as one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the city, with a robust array of cultures that work and live together creating a very distinct overall character separate from the city’s other districts. Creativity is a focal point in this community, manifesting in the form of murals that cover the outside walls of every corner store, school, and community space.

The neighborhood is heavy with the tract homes built in the 1930s with identical floor plans and slightly varied facades. Also blended into the mix of styles are Streamline Moderne houses, a type of Art Deco architecture that also emerged during this era emphasizing curving forms, long horizontal lines, and often nautical elements.

The Excelsior Festival is a can’t-miss annual event celebrating the neighborhood’s innate charm with an assortment of food, music, and shopping.

The Excelsior is one of the largest and yet least-known neighborhoods in San Francisco. But those lucky enough to stumble through the invisible curtain into this rich community tend not to travel outside of the neighborhood borders again.