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About Clarendon Heights

Clarendon Heights is a centrally located neighborhood, situated between a handful of slightly larger neighborhoods, each with their own distinct flair. This serene and highly residential neighborhood boasts stunning views, stately homes, and an ideal secluded location with open access to city life. ...

While all of the homes in Clarendon Heights are relatively modest, the lot sizes as well as home square-footages vary from house to house. The architectural styles found here are a blend of Tudors and villas with more contemporary styles as well as Mid-Century Modern homes, but all boasting the same orderly image. Rightfully motivated by the panoramic views, the homes were built into hills, complete with hillside stairways to help residents navigate the neighborhood on foot.

While it resembles a completely upscale suburban environment, the compact neighborhood is also home to major thoroughfares along Clarendon Avenue and Twin Peaks Boulevard, providing links to city life amenities found in neighboring districts.

Tank Hill in the northeastern corner of the neighborhood is a hidden local favorite as well as a city destination. While the winds that sweep through the grassy top prevent any attempts at peaceful picnicking, the panoramic views and hiking trails make it a worthwhile adventure.

Clarendon Heights offers a serene respite in an ideal location with a calm undertone that lures residents looking for peaceful life within the city.