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About Central Sunset

The Sunset district of San Francisco has come a long way from its origins as a desolate region of sand dunes. When rapid development broke ground, it was strategically named The Sunset in order to attract residents to the newly sprung neighborhood. Contrary to its luminous name, the area is known for having an extra layer of fog due to its close proximity to the ocean, which also happens to be one of its biggest attractions. ...

Central Sunset is outlined between Sunset Boulevard and 19th Avenue, west to east, and Lincoln Way to Ortega Street, north to south. Its linear streets, free from the steep inclines innate to a large portion of San Francisco, are neatly lined with row houses. Many of the homes are the stucco creations that were popular after WWII, with invariably uniform layouts, all with clean-cut, manicured front yards.

The commercial pockets of the area are buzzing with owner-operated businesses, restaurants, and shops coveted in a city whose majority prefers to support these small businesses. The stretch along Irving Street through the Central Sunset is a notch tamer than its stretch through the neighboring Inner Sunset neighborhood, but still boasts the essentials from restaurants and pubs to drugstores, grocers, and cafes.

While the area is humming with energy during the day with residents nodding to one another as they cross paths during peak hours, Central Sunset is blanketed with a calming quiet at night. Thanks to the lack of cinemas and nightclubs, this serene characteristic is something that attracts, and keeps, residents.