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About Bayview

The Bayview neighborhood resonates as a community built on the relentless efforts of its residents to rebuild an image, and a neighborhood. The dedicated inhabitants of this southeastern district of San Francisco had nowhere to go but up, and are exceeding every expectation. ...

Starting in the early 2000s, the Bayview became the focus of several redevelopment projects from street lamps and landscaping to large real estate developments, including both rental and sale properties. The city’s Muni light rail was extended to reach the Bayview district, offering residents increased accessibility to the city-center and supporting both recreational and professional opportunities.

The Bayview is renowned for its ongoing urban gardening crusade that has caught the attention of the nation. The Quesada Gardens Initiative that started in 2002 has served as a model for other communities across the country. The award-winning project was started by just a few Bayview residents with the vision of achieving a socially-just, sustainable community by empowering residents to define their own environment while connecting with others.

The neighborhood’s continued growth has also ignited a surge in independent restaurants and artist-friendly collaborative spaces along with an increase in small businesses. The Bayview is an ethnic and industrial neighborhood full of a green-conscious community and up-and-coming artists including glass blowers, flora engineers, welders, jewelers, musicians, painters, and writers.