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About Richmond

Richmond is about 15 miles northeast of San Francisco directly across the Bay. With 32 miles of shoreline, it is accessible to San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County. It is a major transportation hub with I-80 and I-580, two railway lines, a deep-water shipping port, BART, AC Transit and passenger rail service....

Richmond incorporated in 1905, but its growth really burgeoned at the onset of World War II when it became one of the biggest shipbuilding areas on the West Coast. The explosive growth invited a huge influx of workers with many longterm effects. The population quadrupled in a mere three years, creating a huge need for adequate housing and services.

Since that time, new developments include Marina Bay, Hilltop Shopping Center, the Knox Freeway and the Richmond Parkway, all contributing to positive changes in the city’s geography and economy.

Point Richmond is a quaint neighborhood within the City of Richmond and offers charming vintage dwellings and a diverse collection of dining, shopping and recreation opportunities. East Brother Lighthouse Station is the oldest remaining wood frame lighthouse on the West Coast and now serves as a distinctive inn for overnight guests accessible only by boat. The Crane Pavilion and Miller Knox Park are destinations that attract locals and tourists with summer concerts, art galleries and festivals.

While some areas are questionable at best, Richmond is dedicated to reclaiming its former glory days as a respectable place to live and work.