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Half Moon Bay

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Half Moon Bay is picturesque. Nestled between some of the most beautiful shoreline on the West Coast and the lovely forested hills of the coastal range, Half Moon Bay is the epitome of charm, breathtaking views and a nostalgic sense of community....

While sightseeing is high on the list of things to do here, Pacifica is also home to the Annual Pumpkin Festival and the surfer’s destination for those powerful Maverick waves. From the fabulous Navio Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton to hole-in-the-wall seafood eateries, dining is always an amazing culinary experience. Shopping is equally distinctive with an abundance of artisan boutiques, local galleries and handcrafted collectibles shops.

Locals are proud of the eco-friendly agricultural efforts, and plentiful roadside stands proffer locally grown organic fruits, vegetables and herbs with great care given to the preservation of nature.

Located about 30 miles south of San Francisco and 40 miles north of Santa Cruz, real estate is somewhat affordable by Bay Area standards but also more of a challenge to find.