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About Burlingame

Burlingame was brought into being by wealthy San Franciscans who wanted more space in a pleasant climate. It is now a community of affluent residents, beautiful homes and more than 18,000 trees that are owned, protected and maintained by the City....

Burlingame’s “Think Green” philosophy has resulted in successful reduction of carbon emissions, water consumption and energy usage. Bicycling and recycling are also important here, and the Burlingame Trolley is free, operating throughout the shopping and dining districts and providing a great alternative transit option. Transportation to the employment hubs of San Francisco and Palo Alto is offered via subway, train and bus as well as nearby freeway connections.

Burlingame’s populace is dedicated to maintaining an enviable esprit de corps with vast opportunities to join activities and associations to stay connected. The historic Kohl Mansion is a beautiful landmark venue for special events, and Mercy Center’s tranquil grounds offer a popular space for retreats and spiritual events.

The Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia offers an in-depth look at the iconic candy and its custom dispensers. The GoKart Indoor Racing Center is another great place to bring the kids and entertain your inner child.

Burlingame is a fun-filled, wealthy community that lives up to its original purpose of preserving space and climate in a lovely environment.