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About Brisbane

Brisbane is a small city just south of San Francisco, near the Bay and San Francisco International Airport. Even though the city’s population is less than 5,000, it boasts a few claims to fame that provide a dash of panache....

Brisbane is called the “City of Stars” due to a 65-year-old tradition of placing large stars — some as big as 10 feet in diameter — on residential rooftops during the holiday season, wrapping the city in a celestial glow. Some of the stars remain on display year round.

Brisbane is also the home of the Fire Hydrant Plug Preserve. This unique local art project for children was started by the local women’s club to commemorate the country’s bicentennial. While it took some persuasion to convince the fire chief, the project was eventually given the go-ahead. Retired hydrants are painted like people or objets d’art, including cute little sailors, Native Americans and a Girl Scout, among others. Definitely worth a visit.

Many business parks are located on Sierra Point and nearby areas, where the population doubles during work hours, making it is a very nice community for commuters.